Christmas Gifts for Under £5.

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Times are hard and every month the majority of us struggle to pay the bills, when Christmas time comes it can sometimes feel a hard stretch, a time when we should be happy and celebrate the Christmas period without any worries turns into a time if despair. We want to give our friends, family and of course our children the best possible gifts but sometimes our budget just does not allow for it.

Which gifts has put together a collection of our best finds so you can find the best Christmas gifts for not under £10 but for under £5 to ensure you having something really special when you’re trying to keep things tight.

space handsSpace Hands £3.49

From a website dedicated to providing you with cheap and gifts on a budget, space hands is a great creative activity for children. Using temporary tattoos you can turn your hands into all sorts of characters. We have all created faces on our hands using the space between our finger and our thumb as a mouth, well now we can do it for real, with real colourful characters. A whole load of fun to be had.

cheap cricket setBudget Cricket Set £4.99

Just under the target budget but a must have gift for cricket or sports fans, tired of carrying around wickets or would you love a great portable set for office time break. Suitable for wheelie bins or any flat surface, just whack it on, grab something as a bat and away you go.

Therapeutic Head Massager : Stress, Headache & tension  

A great budget gift this Christmas and one that deserves a place on our list, I personally see these everywhere, chucked in the corners of rooms, on the side of units. If you have every tried one then you know that they are worth spending less than a fiver on, relive the stress of the modern busy lifestyle and get one of these massaging your head, or even better get your partner to do it for you.

personalised chololate barPersonalised Chocolate Bar £4.95

Every one loves Chocolate (well most people) and adding that personal touch to a bar would give someone a really great gift this Christmas. let mum relax and wind down after a hard Christmas day, enjoying a chocolate bar that reads 'Dear Mum, Thanks for a Great Christmas, You are the Best Mum in the World. although the chocolate inside will soon disappear you can keep the wrapping as a great keepsake memory of your Christmas.

magic kit for kidsMagic Kit £4.99

Reduced from £10 at the time of writing this a great product for your children that will allow them to explore the world of magic and put on a show to remember this christmas. I had one of these kits when i was younger and i remember many hours of trying to do these tricks to amaze the christmas quests. comes complete with custom built tools with hidden tricks and a booklet containing over 100 tricks with this great little set, for just £4.99 this is a great bargain from Debenams.

Peppa Pig: Fairy Tale Little Library £3.90

One for the kids, who all seem to go crazy for this little pink piggy and her little brother. if your looking for something peppa pig orientated but want to give them something which will aid there reading and learning then this little library of books from is perfect, for less than £4 this is an absolute bargain.

Fifty Shades of Grey £2.99

The Best selling book of 2012 by E L James is a must read for all ladies and mums, many occasions i have seen these books being read all over the place from train stations to cafes. .

Based on the story of successful entrepreneur Christian Grey and is bedroom antics with the female shop keeper Ana. if you are looking to get something a little different and that will keep her entertaining for hours this would be the gift to give this Christmas. Another great thing about this book is that there is three of them, this means that you have a great gift idea for the next three gift giving occasions.

Ohyo Collapsible Pocket Water BottleOhyo Collapsible Pocket Water Bottle £4.99

A great little product which has a nice little following due to its appearance on BBC's Dragons Den. Retailing at just £4.99 this hand drinks holder squashes down when not in use to just a third of its size. a perfect gift for the keen gym member with very little space to store there drinks bottle after a day at work. The Ohyo Pocket water bottle also makes for a great eco friendly gift, save money on reusing bottles and just keep one handy bottle that will last a decade.

desktop status barDesk Top Status Bar £5.00

Great cheeky gift and perfect if you are doing an office secret Santa. Based on the Face book status bar you can tell the office your current status so they don't have to bother you and just need to glance at your desk to see if you feel ill, hunger over or just in a mood. comes with a handy pen, so you just add your name into the box and then flip the pad depending on your mood.

Rubix Cube £4.00

You need to search a little bit to find this product for less than £5 but we have managed to find a selection in Amazons market place for £4, beware though the market place is always changing and when you click the link above they may be sold out. The Rubix cube deserves our number one spot as a best gift to buy for under £5, for adults its perfect as it gives them a chance to try and beat the cube again, which i am sure they tried many times during their childhood. And for the children it gives them a chance to give it ago for the first time. many hours of fun to be had here for just £4.

The above list is our best finds on the internet to allow you to have a budget Christmas and buy some really great gifts for under £5, now all you have to do is decide which gifts for under £5 you want to buy.